This is the official sign-up site for pole vaulting activities through the
Fuzion Athletics Minnesota Pole Vault Club. 
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Parents / athletes can sign-up on a single-session basis or can purchase a multi-session pass membership. Our multi-session pass memberships provide discounts on per-session fees and overall reduced pricing (relative to non-membership prices), in an effort to continue to provide the most economical, high-quality pole vault training possible.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or registration issues. To learn more about Fuzion Athletics Minnesota see the "About Fuzion MN" link above.
Thanks, Jim Moeller
The sign-up process is as follows.
1) Sign-in or register.
    • If you've already previously registered, sign-in above or via the link in the User Menu to the right.
    • Or register via the link to the right, acknowledge the verification email, and then sign-in. You must be registered and signed-in to see the multi-session pass membership options.
2) Decide if you’d like a multi-session pass membership and, if so, which one. See the multi-session pass membership details below. You can do this at any time in the future via the "My Membership" link to the right. You can also simply book sessions at the listed price without a muli-session pass membership.

Outdoor 2017 Training Calendar Summary - @ Eagan High School

* Starting June 12th through Aug 2nd. Listed Session Price $45 per Session.

* We're offering a total of 15 pole vault training sessions through the summer.

* June-Aug: Mondays & Wednesdays 6-8pm.

* See the specific dates in the Monthly Events Calendar link in the User Menu to the right.

Outdoor 2017, 5-Session Pass Membership - $200

* Price = $200, Events Booking Value = $225, Average Session Price $40 per Session.

* Valid Period: June- Aug.

Outdoor 2017, 10-Session Pass Membership - $350

* Price = $350, Events Booking Value = $450, Average Session Price $35 per Session.

* Valid Period: June- Aug.

Outdoor 2017, 15-Session Pass Membership - $450

* Price = $450, Events Booking Value = $675, Average Session Price $30 per Session.

* Valid Period: June- Aug.


3) To select and purchase a multi-session pass membership via credit card, use the “My Membership” link to the right, and check-out via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card with PayPal.

4) If you purchase a multi-session pass membership, your discount code will be displayed upon the completion of your purchase.  This code will be emailed to you as well.  When registering for events, simply enter this discount code in the "Coupon" field during checkout and the events will be credited to your multi-session pass membership, and your checkout will be free of charge. The events will still show with the list price, but your "Gross Total" will show as zero, indicating the events have been credited to your multi-session pass membership.

5) Select the event(s) for which you’d like to register.
    • See the list of events via the “Events Listing & Registration” link to the right.
    • Select the event for which you’d like to register via the “Register” button.
    • Click “Update Cart” to add the event to your Event Registration Cart.
    • Then proceed to either "Add More Events" or "Check Out".
    • You may need to refresh the page to see the events listed in your cart to the right.

6) On the Checkout page enter the required athlete and contact information. Also, this is where you enter your muli-session pass discount code if you purchased a membership. Read and acknowledge the "Terms and Condidions", and then click "Process Registration" which will either complete your registration if you utilized a multi-session discount code, or take you to the PayPal site for the processing of your credit card information. 

Done: After you've completed your registration or checked-out via PayPal, your registration is complete. If you ever need to review your registrations (including cancel events for which you’ve previously registered), you can simply login again and click the “My Events Registration History” link in the User Menu that is displayed after you login. Your membership information is available in the "My User Profile" link. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me.