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October 12, 2017:
Unfortunately, our Fuzion Athletics Minnesota pole vault club was NOT able to secure vaulting time at the University of St. Thomas indoor facility for this coming fall, winter, and spring. So, we will not be offering any pole vault training for the 2017-2018 indoor season. Ultimately there were various aspects that factored into this result, but I believe in the end it will help us focus on pursuing a longer-term answer in providing a better training solution for our local pole vault community.
So, despite these disappointing developments, we’re continuing to look into other options to provide pole vault training in the future. In addition, we’ll hopefully be able to offer special events and opportunities to travel to competitions. Those will mostly likely be organized by Jamie Steffen from his Fuzion Kentucky vaulting operations. 
Finally, our ultimate plan and objective is to find a facility here in Minnesota where we can operate dedicated pole vault training. We are currently pursuing a search for industrial warehouse space suitable for a vaulting facility. If you happen to have any contacts in the industrial warehouse real estate market or know of any facilities that might be suitable for vault training, please pass that information along to either myself or Jamie Steffen. We’ll pursue every opportunity we can.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Jim Moeller