Fuzion Athletics Minnesota is a true independent pole vaulting club offering pole vault training to athletes of all ages and all skill abilities. We’ve helped athletes over a wide range of ages, as young as grade school all the way up through college, post-collegiate and master’s levels. We service athletes across the entire state of Minnesota and well into western Wisconsin. We have a history of producing great vaulters and work hard to deliver an environment that truly educates the athlete about the sport of pole vaulting. In addition, we provide not only the pole vault coaching expertise but also the right atmosphere and guidance to empower athletes to grow as individuals, cultivate their sense of self-confidence, and establish the leadership skills to succeed beyond the pole vault runway.

Fuzion Athletics Minnesota provides a number of resources for dedicated pole vaulters, including indoor and outdoor technique camps enabling year-round training, pole rentals and sales available to the local vault community, and also traveling opportunities to vaulting competitions across the country that help vaulters gain experience and exposure beyond the local vault environment. In addition, and unlike vaulting opportunities offered by local high schools or colleges, we provide an independent perspective on the sport of pole vaulting focused precisely on the improvement of the athlete. Our programs are not disguised as a recruiting vehicle for any post-secondary schools and are not financially subsidized by any school or outside organization. We are 100% financially supported by the revenue derived from our training sessions, the pole rentals and sales, and other services that we offer that directly help athletes improve. Unlike vaulting activities that are subsidized by high schools or colleges, we are financially responsible for our own facilities fees, our own liability insurance, and invest significant amounts of money to have a broad range of our own poles that are available at our training sessions that best address the needs of the wide range of vaulters we serve. In addition, we are a USA Track & Field Association (USATF) listed club and all of our coaches are USATF “Listed Coaches”, meaning they have passed the appropriate background checks that provide athletes and parents of athletes a level of confidence that our coaches have a history of safely working with youth athletes. These resources, services, and qualifications, in total, are what separate us as an independent club from other vaulting organizations that don’t offer the same breadth or carry the same financial responsibilities, and yet often claim the same or similar vault experiences and commitment to athletes. For the vaulters, and parents of vaulters, that support our club you’ll find that we go to great extents to more than reciprocate in kind.
Our coaching staff brings a diversity of experience and a depth of knowledge to our pole vault training that’s founded on the fundamentals of the vault. Our coaches, most all of whom are current post-collegiate or masters vaulters, focus on the fitness and technique work that best matches the individual athlete. Each athlete brings a different set of strengths and weaknesses to their vaulting, so we work with those individual characteristics to most appropriately emphasize the strengths and improve the weaknesses to help the athlete become the best vaulter possible. We don’t religiously follow any one specific vault technique or abide by a particular procedure from a specific book. Rather we allow our coaches the ability to apply all the various techniques and methods that have worked for championship vaulters past and present. To that point, our coaches continually studying these championship vaulters for take-aways that can be applied to our athletes. In addition, our coaches also pursue supplementary training such as USATF coaches training and coaches training camps offered by former world-class athletes, such as Bell Athletics (http://www.bellathletics.com/) and Tim Mack’s Pole Vault Club (http://www.timmack.com/). Overall we provide independent and flexible coaching expertise that’s focused exclusively on realizing the maximum pole vaulting potential of each athlete. For more information on our individual coaches see the following link. http://fuzionathletics.com/index.php/about-fuzion/coaching-staff
Fuzion Athletics, Inc. was founded in Minnesota in 2008 by Jamie Steffen to address the State-wide needs for more specialized pole vault training. Pole vaulting is a very difficult sport requiring speed, strength and agility unlike any other activity, and as a result, requires more specialized coaching and opportunities to train in a more year-around schedule, which is beyond what typical high schools, and many colleges can provide. In 2012 Jamie established another Fuzion facility in Shelbyville Kentucky and relocated to that state to address a similar deficiency of pole vault coaching expertise and training opportunities. At that time Fuzion Athletics Minnesota, LLC was formed by Jim Moeller to continue the Minnesota pole vault training and has since served over 250 individual athletes.